Below is information to help you get ready for the next school year!

All items pertain to all families, please make sure to review forms to make sure you have the most current information on file for your family.

Summer Reading/Math Packets and Classroom Supplies List
Information for 1 – 8 will be posted on June 3rd after our Summer Read Reveal to students


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Tuition Payments and Incidental Billing

All tuition and is handled online on our FACTS Tuition Management Platform. The parent information is available here and account sign in is here. If you have any questions about tuition accounts please contact our Business Office at 610-688-4584.

Other fees including field trips, stationery, CARES, etc. will be billed through the incidental billing portion of the FACTS platform and you will receive invoices to the email address linked to your FACTS account. To save yourself time, you can enroll in autopay through your FACTS dashboard.

Annual Forms – mandatory annual submission 

All families must complete the SKS Annual Forms prior to August 20th. All forms are used for emergency contact information, SKS Handbook review and school waivers e-signatures.
These forms are separate from the health and dental forms completed by the pediatrician and dentist, which can be found on our Health Office page. Information from our school nurse is available here. Thank you in advance for completing these SKS Annual Forms prior to the school year.


All student and family information is submitted to your school districts in June so you can be assigned busing for the upcoming school year. Please check information for your district below to see what paperwork they require from you each year. These forms must be completed annually, even if your family used the busing in the past. You will be contacted by your school district at the end of August with your bus schedules if you choose to use their transportation. If your district offers use of an app for bus information, please download it so you can stay in touch with them.

In the event of an address change over the summer, please contact me immediately so I can switch your busing assignment.

Colonial School District requires all families to submit the information found here in the Colonial School District Letter to Parents.

Haverford does not require our families to submit any forms

Lower Merion requires all families to submit an online Request for Transportation Form Act 372, this form is submitted directly to Lower Merion’s transportation department.

Marple Newtown requires all families to submit an online Marple Newtown School District Act 372 request transportation request form.


Tredyffrin/Easttown bus riders must complete the Transportation Request for Non Public Students Act 372  in order to be eligible for busing. TE no longer requires you to submit an additional form for kindergarten riders, but please make sure they are listed on your family’s ACT 372 form. Please review the TE website at for any transportation questions.

Upper Merion – as of 8/1/23 we were advised that Upper Merion Transportation department will be using the First View App for route information for students. You can view the information at the following links to access the app and access your child’s route information, this is the same app as used last year.

Upper Merion FirstView ParentView App 

ParentView Self-guided Tools

Please note – the student id number referenced in the app is generated by Upper Merion, not SKS. If you have any questions regarding the app or the route you should contact Upper Merion directly at the contact information provided in the links.

Radnor requires parents to submit a Request for Transportation Form Act 372, please send it directly to Radnor’s transportation department.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding busing.

Stationery and Classroom Fees 2024-2025

Your stationery/tech/art fee for items purchased through school for grades 1- 8 is $75 per student and will be billed through your FACTS account incidental billing in mid-July. All other school supplies purchased by parents are found in the Summer Reading and Math packets for each grade level. This tech fee does not include Chromebook rentals.

The kindergarten is $XXX, and will be billed through your FACTS account incidental billing in mid-July. There are no separate school supplies for kindergarten that need to be purchased by the kindergarten parents.

Chromebook Rental Form 

Grades 4 through 8 are eligible for the Bring Your Device program. SKS owned Chromebooks are available for students who prefer to use them rather than bringing in a family device, they can be signed out if you click here. The Chromebooks will be issued to students at the opening of school and will be returned to SKS at the end of each school year.


The information on school uniform requirements is in the SKS Handbook. All regular uniforms can be purchased at Flynn & O’Hara, Flocco’s or Land’s End. The gym uniform can be purchased at Flynn & O’Hara, Flocco’s or Blue Beret in Wayne. There is also a school Uniform Exchange closet for gently used items which is available to families.

Lunch Program 

The lunch program is run by Mrs. Kim Maher, who handles all aspects of the cafeteria. Students have the option of bringing their own lunch or doing the online lunch order. As we are looking ahead to the 2024-2025 school year SKS plans to renew our contract with Yay Lunch.  As always, ordering will be on a weekly basis and will generally run from Thursday to Sunday to place your order for the following week.   More detailed information regarding the registration/ordering process will  be available in early August and online ordering will begin around August 31st!

School Handbook

The School Handbook contains the policies and procedures for St. Katharine of Siena School. In addition, the appendix of the handbook contains official forms and waivers from the archdiocese which each family reviews and signs off on in the online Mandatory Annual Forms. Please make sure to review the Handbook with your children to familiarize them with our community policies.