Tuition and Fees 2024-2025

Without Kindergartener Tuition Cost
1st Child $7,200
2nd Child $6,400
3rd Child $5,900
With Kindergartener Tuition Cost
Kindergarten Child $7,300
1st Child (grade 1-8) $6,900
2nd Child (grade 1-8) $6,400
3rd Child (grade 1-8) $5,900

Please Note – These tuition rates apply to St. Katharine of Siena parishioners.

For non-St. Katharine of Siena Parishioners: $7,800/child in K-8. Families in other parishes should contact their pastor regarding any subsidy offered toward the tuition.

Beginning with the 2024-25 school year, payments will be due one month earlier than in the past. We are altering the payment due dates to better align with the school’s fiscal year that begins in July and to better manage year-round expenses of the school, such as teachers’ and staff’s salaries
and benefits that are paid out over 12 months. See new payment due dates below:

*For those who pay tuition monthly: Payments are due the 15th day of each month beginning July 15, 2024 and ending May 15, 2025
*For those who pay quarterly: Payments are due July 15, 2024, October 15, 2024, January 15, 2025, and April 15, 2025
*For those who pay semiannually, payments are due July 15, 2024 and January 15, 2025
*For those who pay in full, payment in full is due July 15, 2024

If any family has a need for financial assistance, please contact the school for a confidential discussion. Thanks to generous donors who sent their tax dollars our way through the EITC program, we have significant funds available for qualifying families.

Annual Fees

Registration Fee

SKS uses automatic re-enrollment for current students.
After the annual enrollment opens on November 1, the Registration Fee for current students will be billed through your FACTS incidental billing.

$200 per family grades 1-8 –  new students pay upon application

$500 kindergarten per student paid at time of application

*Registration fee is non-refundable. $300 of Kg registration is applied to Kg tuition

Registration Fee is payable by check made out to:
Saint Katharine of Siena School
or online via credit card for new students only, not currently enrolled students.

Stationery Fee with Activity Fee included

Applies to grades k-8, will be billed over the summer in your FACTS incidental billing.
K- $100
Grades 1-8 – $75

8th Grade Dues including Graduation Fee

See 8th grade information from teachers at start of school year. Billed in three installments during the school year through your FACTS incidental billing.