Guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, St. Katharine of Siena School is a vital part of the St. Katharine of Siena parish community educating students in kindergarten through eighth grade. We are committed to spiritual formation and academic excellence through an engaging and nurturing learning environment that seeks to develop the whole child, integrating our Catholic faith and values of compassion, service, and respect for all God’s people while developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


The administration, faculty and staff of Saint Katharine of Siena School encourage each student to become Christ-centered by learning and following His commandments. We believe our school community is an extension of the Church, and we are united through the Eucharist, liturgical celebrations, daily prayer, and in service to others.

We believe that each child is a unique person, loved by God and involved in a lifelong process of personal development, growth in our Catholic faith, along with a rigorous and relevant pursuit of academics. Parents are the most important and influential teachers of their children. The faculty works in partnership with the family, extending and enriching the values and education a child receives at home. A dedicated faculty models and shares their faith and teaching expertise in a profoundly nurturing, spiritual, and disciplined environment. We as a faculty are committed and dedicated to the education of the whole child, building each child’s self worth as they grow in mind, body, and spirit. The foremost priority as Catholic educators is our commitment to the teachings of Christ and Catholic values. Also, our teachers are committed in fostering a love of learning and academic excellence to enhance the growth of each student as an individual. As school leaders, we model behavior by giving respect and receiving it in return. As mentors, we counsel, nurture, guide, and show empathy to each child. Our faculty takes great pride in creating an environment where our classrooms are an enjoyable place to be and learning is valued.

Our school family is a community of Christians who care about others. With Jesus as the model, each child will grow in the realization that a Catholic is a person of faith, prayer and service. An atmosphere of intellectual growth, curiosity, and respect shall help each child to develop his/her talents to the fullest, share these talents joyfully, take humble pride in worthwhile accomplishments, and appreciate the distinct gifts of others.

Saint Katharine of Siena School fosters the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of its students in a spirit of dedication, freedom, and love based on the message of the Gospel. Each student is a child of God. Students are encouraged to become responsible leaders. They are supported as they grow in wisdom, age, and grace to assume their roles as informed, responsible, members of our Church and citizens of our country and our world.