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June 16th

Dear SKS Families,    I have always enjoyed our SKS Spirit newsletter as I always think it captures the vibrancy and energy of this wonderful school community. There are two SKS Spirit newsletter links to this last blog of the school year and my last blog at SKS. The one Spirit is our graduation issue which always has a picture of the graduating class and their high school destinations on the cover.  Eleven graduates attained academic scholarships totaling nearly $150,000 in scholarship money awarded. Our graduates get into the high schools [...]

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May 23rd

Dear SKS Families, The spring calendar has been filled with many social events that define our close knit community. You can see some of the events in the many photos accompanying this blog and also in our recent Spirit newsletter in the link below. SKS Spirit Spring Edition I want to express my thanks to the entire SKS community for the Last Call party a few weeks back. If you ever need to plan a party, call the Kelleys and the Agliras. For my two families: My immediate family and [...]

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April 20th

Dear SKS Families, I hope you had a great Easter holiday. I hope it was one that was faith-filled and a time to spend with your loved ones. I ask you to keep in your prayers Blake Buckley (3rd grade)  and the Buckley family.  Blake’s grandfather, Dr. Michael Buckley, a highly respected doctor for his loving compassionate care, and a wonderful family man passed away last week. Mike and his wife, Sally,  were longtime parishioners at SKS and Brian and his sisters attended SKS as well. Also I ask for [...]

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March 24th

Dear SKS Families, In the midst of the pandemic over the last two years our school has been working on preparing for renewing our Middle States Accreditation. This is the third Middle States process we as a school have undertaken since I have been here.  Our faculty and staff, headed by Mrs. Adria Crowley and Mr. David Heacock as chairpersons, along with our steering committee composed of teachers, parents, Msgr. Brouwers and myself, have been engaged in this process of self study for the last year and a half.  As [...]

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February 17th

Dear SKS Parents, The Principal Blog is back after taking a sabbatical in January as it has been a busy stretch. The next school mass is scheduled for Ash Wednesday, March 2  with our 3rd and 4th grades.  This week parents and our teachers were in attendance in church while many others joined us virtually for Sr. Pat Mc Cormack’s presentation on Parenting for Success. Special thanks to Jessie Bryan who coordinated the whole event. Sr. Pat’s talk was very well received. If you missed the talk, it can be [...]

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Christmas 2021

 Dear SKS School Families,  My hope is that you find great joy in this Christmas season.  At a conference this past August the speaker discussed the difference between joy and happiness. Do you know the difference?  I always thought they were basically the same thing.  The presenter said that happiness is usually based on external influences:  "When I have enough money or get a new promotion, I 'll be happy."  "When I buy a bigger house, I'll be happy."  "When I  get the next new thing,  I’ll be happy ...." [...]

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November 16th

 Dear SKS Families, The school year continues to move at warp speed. Blink once it'll be Thanksgiving, and blink twice we will be breaking for Christmas.                                                                          SKS  is an Archdiocesan School of Distinct Instruction After an archdiocesan review of our standardized testing data, SKS was awarded recognition as a school of Distinct Instruction. This award was based on our [...]

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October 20th

Dear SKS Parents,  I enjoyed seeing so many families at the recentSKS Homecoming . Congrats to our Home & School  and our CYO boards for leading and organizing a great event.  You'll see some great pictures from this event above. The Home & School has done a great job of communicating to you reminder dates that include the Fall Social (10/23)  and a new Trunk or Treat Event (10/29)  both upcoming. The Home & School has continued to do a great job of planning events like these to build community. Nothing [...]

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September 22nd

Dear SKS Families, The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”                                                                             -Chinese Proverb Welcome to my September blog. This blog usually goes out once a month. There’s no rhyme or reason to the written content. It may be an educational/parenting article I found informative. It could be about the [...]

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June 23rd

Dear SKS Families, First, a personal thank you for your incredible generosity to the teachers/staff and me. The end of year gift  is so much appreciated by us. Each day at school the teachers and I were encouraged and supported by you. It fueled us. Every teacher/staff member  appreciates being a part of this caring community. There are two letters below copied, I wrote this first letter to our SKS Parishioners for the last church bulletin of the school year.  It summarizes my thoughts as this 2020-2021 came to an end. [...]

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