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Welcome to 6th grade science!

Its been a few weeks and already we have done so much!  I'm excited to give you a peak into your child's day here at SKS.  They have been enthusiastic and eager, and I'm enjoying getting to know them as students. We started the year discussing the difference between an observation and an inference.  They practiced in several different activities, but the one below seemed to be their favorite.  After completing this, everyone agreed that viewing the world around them objectively is challenging!  Its difficult to interpret a situation without [...]

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The Brain Needs a Safe Place

"The brain needs a safe place" -Rose Wallace  The quote above is one I have used before in my educational journey. The brain does need a safe place in order to function optimally. I am sure someone may have said this before, but the quote is from my sister, Rose.  I respect her greatly as an educator and friend.  This past year, I have blogged about our PSB System (Positive School Behavior):Expected Behavior Model/aka Golden Ticket Program that we have implemented.  I have also referenced  both last year and this year about [...]

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Almost Home!

 Almost Home ! The ship is coming into port shortly and it's the busiest time of the school year.  Families are scurrying around trying to balance school, children's activities, family, and work as the school year approaches the last few weeks. At school, we are busy too. I lean on teachers/staff to do their day to day plans, end of the year work, and plans for next year.  Like you, they have a lot at their plate. The other day in church, I reminded the students that they need to [...]

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