Thank you to our generous supporters for the
2022-2023 Annual Fund Campaign

Founders Club $5,000 – 25,000

Juliana and Tom Bryan

Connelly Foundation

Daniels Family Foundation

Dan and Liz DiDomenico

Steve Graham – 3529 West Chester Pike Associates

Bruer and Meg Kershner

Shawn and Jacqui Sweeney

Molly Whiteman and matching gift
from CVC Credit Partners LLC

Principal’s Club $2,500 – 4,999

Brian and Donna McNeill

Charities Aid Foundation Matching Gift

Moira and Tom Hobson

Joe and Kaci Kelley

SKS Fall Social Proceeds

Kathryn and Timothy Tuoni

St. Katharine of Siena Club $1,000 – 2,499

Lauren and Jason Botzler

Theresa Brennan

Amanda and Alex Bruno

James and Jessie Bryan

The Cognata Family

The Colfer Family

David and Lisa DiBello

Leslie and Bill Flick

Tara and Jim Frohner

Ryan and Lauren Grady

Chris and Meredith Grimmig

Bridget and Philip Hintze

Deirdre and Tom Koerick

Lehigh Gas Foundation Matching Gift

Elaine Marquardt

The McAndrew Family

The McCracken Family

Edward McGinley III Foundation

McGlinn Family Foundation

The Quisenberry Family

The Shanahan Family

Matthew and Ashley Shea

SKS 3 0n 3 Tournament Profit

Michael Sullivan

Bud and Kit Tosti

Vanguard Matching Gift

The Walkenhorst Family

Matthew Welsh and Therese Brady

Blue and White Club $500 – 999

Armando and Veronica Anido

The Annechini Family

Msgr. Hans Brouwers

Matthew and Michele Cappelletti

Krista Corrao

Foote Orthodontics

The Groseclose Family

The Harrity Family

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kelly Jr.

Peter Lively

The McLaughlin Family

The O’Connor Family

The Parisi Family

Beth and Peter Quigley

Matthew and Laura Riley

Beth and Bill Stone

The Weeks Family

Friends of St. Katharine of Siena Club $25 – 499

Anonymous Donor – three donors

The Bariexca Family

Sean Barker

The Bolger Family

The Brown Family

Marisa and Jim Bruder

The Bugler Family

The Busch Family

Lauren Burns

Janice Carson

The Chambers Family

Sarah Chesky and Phil Bixby

Anne Condello

Megan Condello

Charles and Amanda Connolly

Connolly Family Foundation

Anne Costa

Tracy Coyle

Adria and Jim Crowley

Aimee Lynn and Jay Curry

Candice Dalton

The DeLisi Family

Maria DellaGreca

The Dhavale Family

Bill DiClemente

The Doucet Family

The Dwyer Family

Celia Dwyer

Maggie Dwyer

Ellen and Alan Epps

Justin and Adrienne Faralli

Paul and Chris Ferris

Emmet Fitzgerald

The Gilbert Family

Christine Gleklen

The Goode Family

Thomas Heigh

The Henkel Family

The Hetrick Family

Susan Hodgens

The Horn Family

The Kolmer Family

Angela Kusterbeck

Bernadette and Mark Langdon

Brian and Marianne Lauber

The Long Family

The Madden Family

Michelle Maniatis

The McCauley Family

The McCoy Family

The Mendler Family

Kelly and Tim Morris

The Muntz Family

Harold and Kathleen Murray

Blaire Osberg

Mary and George Packer

Ben and Denise Piazza

Jennifer Prior

Frank Rauscher

Adrienne Reilly

The Rideout Family

The Robinson Family

The Sims Family

Gloria Spatacco

Mike and Susan Sturm

Bolick and Jean Tarlecky

Vanguard Affinity Program

The Vento Family

The Ventura Family

Thank you to our generous supporters for the
Tuition Assistance Program Endowment 

Premier Partners $50,000 – $100,000

Richard and Joyce Guyer

Thank you to our generous supporters through the EITC/BLOCS Program  

Corporate Partners 

JJ Nova 369 LLC donation

Keenan Goggin LLC donation

Beth and Jacinto Oliver LLC donation

Jeffrey Beiter LLC donation

Ben and Denise Piazza LLC donation

Daniel and Susan Schuller LLC donation

Brendan J. Walsh LLC donation

Paul O’Connor LLC donation

Andrew Murray LLC donation

Ellen and Alan Epps LLC donation

Kyle Mallach LLC donation

First Resource Bank Corporate donation

Jonathan Stone DMD LLC Corporate donation

JOML LLC Corporate Donation