Dear SKS Families,

   I have always enjoyed our SKS Spirit newsletter as I always think it captures the vibrancy and energy of this wonderful school community. There are two SKS Spirit newsletter links to this last blog of the school year and my last blog at SKS. The one Spirit is our graduation issue which always has a picture of the graduating class and their high school destinations on the cover.  Eleven graduates attained academic scholarships totaling nearly $150,000 in scholarship money awarded. Our graduates get into the high schools of their choices, are prepared and successful. The second Spirit newsletter – Saying Goodbye was done without my knowledge and yet again I am humbled by this community.  

SKS Summer Spirit – Grad Edition

Special Spirit Issue – Goodbye Mr. Tosti!

  Change is a part of life. Change is usually good and should be embraced. In what I would like to think are the autumn of my years (thank you Frank Sinatra!) it’s  time for a change in my life.  I leave here with a sense of joy, peace, and a bittersweet feeling knowing  I will miss the people of this school community that I love and care about: the students, the parents, our alumni and my fellow colleagues. 

Everything else I can or wanted to say in reflection of my time at SKS and my journey as a teacher was expressed at the Last Call. My sentiments were expressed that evening, and also to the graduates in the grotto last week, and at the 8th grade parent dinner. I was also glad to have time with many of you at the Friday night SKS Pig Roast/ Corn Hole Tourney. That was so much fun too! If I don’t retire soon, I may not make it to retirement as it has been celebrated overwhelmingly and this principal could not feel more appreciated. I am so grateful to all of you.  

Our SKS future is very bright and it is my sincerest hope you will continue your loyalty and  support of the school going forward. How do I know SKS will go on to do great things?  

Her are my top five reasons (in no ranking order) why SKS will be great going forward:


  1. We have a pastor that wants to have a school and supports the school in every way.

            To succeed in a Catholic school, you must have a pastor that supports having a school.                        

            In Msgr. Hans Brouwers we have a leader who embraces having a parish school.    

      2. Anne Condello did not retire.

      3.   Adria Crowley will be a great leader. Adria is personable, calm, enthusiastic, and forward thinking. She is an excellent communicator and will carry this school to new heights. 

     4.   Our faculty is talented, nurturing, caring and has remained stable. They are committed to this school, to each other, and to your children.

     5. SKS’s greatest strength: Its sense of community /family is and will remain intact. No one person is responsible for that. We know our strength is in our village.  The strength of this community is indeed our community.

I have the most grateful heart you can imagine. I have said this before: I suppose there are other places that have what we have, and feel the same way we do about our school community. I suppose there are…I just haven’t seen it yet. My heart is full with love and appreciation for each one of you. I do hope at some point in time our paths will cross again in the future.  I am counting on it.  Thank you for all you have done for SKS and for me. I love you all dearly.


Take care,