Archbishop Carroll
Mikey Bugler
Domenic Elia
Justin Hnat
Teddy Wolfington 

Conestoga High School
Patrick Barausky
Luca Garvey 

Episcopal Academy
Jack Gallagher

Harriton High School
Colten Langley 

Haverford High School
Stevie Maniatis

LaSalle High School
Luca DeMarco
Connor Hayes
Wyatt Steinman
Patrick Werner

Merion Mercy Academy
Lauren McCormick

Nazareth Academy
Johayna Checchia 

Radnor High School
Patrick Burke
Logan D’Ovidio
Mackie DenBroeder
Paddy DiLucia
Joe Garzio

Saint Joe’s Prep
Aidan Rupp
Matteo Tropea
Miles Tropea

Upper Merion High School
David Peck


SKS is proud to announce that six outstanding Class of 2021scholars have received a total of $284,000 in academic scholarships for high school. This is a very  impressive number, especially considering that there is only one eighth grade class this year. These scholarships are the culmination of years of hard work. Some schools, like Malvern Preparatory School, DevonPreparatory School, and Archbishop Carroll, award scholarships based on student performance on scholarship entrance exams in conjunction with elementary school grades, extracurricular activity resumes, and teacher recommendations. Other schools, like St. Joseph’s Preparatory Academy for its Xaverian Scholarship, require applicants to fulfill a few extra steps like submitting essays and completing interviews to receive an academic scholarship award. The requirements for all of the awards differ but one thing is for certain: we are very proud of our 2021 SKS graduates! 

Luca De Marco

La Salle College High School
St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
Archbishop Carroll 

Jack Gallagher

St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
Malvern Preparatory School

Matteo Tropea 

St. Joseph’s Preparatory School

Justin Hnat 

Archbishop Carroll

Johanna Checchia

Nazareth Academy High School 

Connor Hayes 

Devon Preparatory School

SKS would like to congratulate those families who are “graduating” from SKS as their last 8th grade child leaves our school. We wish you well as you and your child take that next step together! 


Our SKS tradition of Catholic education and resilience was celebrated during Catholic Schools Week!


“2020, a not so ordinary year, it filled our students with lots of fear. Words are powerful, they show how we feel, so the students and I made a deal. Let’s create a time capsule describing how we felt. Their words and reflections made my heart melt. A hero doesn’t have to be old, they just have to have courageous stories to be told. ‘Thank you to our pint-sized S.K.S heroes'”

Jayda Orsatti, 5th Grade ELA/Religion

A Year Never to be Forgotten

By: Maryn Halpin

It was March when I asked two of my friends if we’d be off the next day and all at home far, far away. We all guessed we would but there was more because it had went onto month four. 

April came and I’d be on Zoom. Then all of a sudden there came June. Finally, I walked outside to feel the breeze and watch the butterflies. 

But still I have to block my mouth. My eyes, nose and ears.Because Corona had just hit one year. I’ve gotten used to it so that’s ok, but I still wish it’ll end someday. 

Our Time in Quarantine
By: Augie Bruder 

March 15th was Awesome!
All the trees and flowers would blossom
But all the sudden we ended the ways we did our academics,
for there was a global pandemic.
We had to do online learning !?!?
Oh, how our day was turning
At first people thought this was over dramatic.
but then it became very very tragic.
“Why do we have to wear masks?”
brother was curious and wanted to ask,
We don’t want you to be sick
or you may die pretty quick.
We learned some new trends,
virtually spent time with family and friends.
Although it was long,
All we had to do was stay strong. 

The Covid Catastrophe
By: Anna Harrity

It was one year ago when Corona started.
We had to wear masks and the whole world was parted.
All the shelves in the stores were almost empty.
Taking off your mask was so very tempting.

There was violence all around and everybody was sad.
I could not see my friends and I was really quite mad.

My mom is a doctor I don’t see her ‘till 6.
This virus was a problem, it needed to be fixed.

We are in school now there is a vaccine.
We are all getting used to Covid-19.
I know this will all come to an end.
I know that the light will shine through again.

A Quarantine Dream

By: Molly Butler

I remember feeling empty and cold, Covid hit! Slamming down doors to opportunities, suddenly we went all virtual. Iwas frightened that maybe something would happen to someone in my family. The first week I was trapped in my own house, Covid was like a wave, when I try to get back up for air it knocked me down again. 

School, it was hard to learn new things because we were never seeing each other. The good side of all this grief is that my family is together. Then summer, everything was different. Covid felt like a mountain I could not climb. 

In September we came back to school. Jobs were blossoming again like a flower in the spring. My friends are upstanders. They stand like the tallest mountain in the alps. 

The vaccine was a blessing. Hope that the light will shine through the darkness. Hope that love will defeat hatred. Hope at the end of a rainbow there is gold.