Dear SKS Families,

 On behalf of our faculty and staff, I want to wish all our mothers in our school a wonderful Mother’s Day this coming weekend.  

In remembrance of our Blessed Mother’s love for her Son, and my mom’s love for my family, I have often made this statement: In no deference to fathers everywhere, there is nothing so deep, so profound, and so selfless as the love of a mother for her children.   

Mother’s Day is a special time to recognize and appreciate the special bond we share with our mothers.  For those who are moms, and still have their moms, cherish these times and please enjoy the day. As we hopefully get to the other side of the pandemic and many are vaccinated, I hope you will have the opportunity to be with your dear mother and your family. For those who have lost their moms, this day is always a bittersweet time for us. However, we still find ways to celebrate all that she was and all that she gave to our families. She may not be physically present with us, but we know she is here in other subtle ways: the bloom of a beautiful flower, a beautiful sunset, her favorite recipe that you still make, the smile on the face of a grandchild that reminds you of her.  I can still feel my mom’s presence surround my family.  I hope you can still feel your mom’s presence too.  Blessings on all our moms on Mother’s Day with grateful love.  #SKS moms are the best!

The zoom assembly by Pete Sousa for our 6th, 7th and 8th graders was well received and impactful. His story was powerful and important for our middle school students to hear.  I am sorry to the parents that were not able to access the zoom – not sure what happened there. A few takeaway points from Pete in his battle over addiction:

  • He drank to try to fit in with “the crowd.”
  • He lied to himself cotinuously during his addiction. Drugs and alcohol were the the biggest liars to him. Drugs and alcohol constantly told him he needed “them” to be successful.
  • He wasn’t hanging out with people who were making him better.
  • Socializing and fitting in became his #1 priority. He wasn’t comfortable with who he was until he drank or took drugs.
  • Bad places and the wrong people destroyed any good relationships he had.
  • His faith in God and AA helped him rebuild his life and turn it around.  God opened a small window and he crawled through it.

We had over 75 families join us for the Virtual Rosary this past Tuesday. Thank you to all those who were able to be with us.

This week the teachers enjoyed treats all week from our Home and School  and you, our SKS families. On behalf of the teachers and staff, I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate your kindness.

The SKS Task Force is meeting this month to review reopening plans for fall.

The pictures in the blog always speak to the energy of our school. SKS is a fun place to be especially when a kindergarten student is Principal for a Day.  How many full days are left in the school year, not including today? The first five correct responders get a Golden Ticket and a Dress Down Pass (transferable to students).  

Take care,