Dear SKS families,

Now that spring is here, we return back to school for the homestretch. We continue to stay the course with our safety protocols (as per Suzanne Manion’s email) and also make a commitment to finish the year with our best efforts. For our students we ask them to to do three things:

  • Build their personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Be a kind, caring, compassionate classmate and member of their family. 
  • Finish the school year academically with a positive attitude 
  • Continue to put forth a consistent effort.

Academic Scholarships 

Our previous graduating 8th classes have always  done well, earning academic scholarships to various private schools for their talents, abilities and hard work. Remembering that we only have one homeroom and only 24 graduates for our Class of 2021, this class has distinguished themselves with the following academic scholarships. These scholarships are four year totals and we are proud of these students, their parents, and teachers as we congratulate them. The following students have been awarded academic scholarships:

Academic Scholarships – Class of 2021


Luca De Marco

La Salle College High School       $50,000

St. Joseph’s Prep                            $36,000

Archbishop Carroll                        $16,000


Jack Gallagher

St. Joseph’s Prep                           $36,000

Malvern Prep                                 $60,000


Justin Hnat               

Archbishop Carroll                       $10,000


Johanna Checchia    

Nazareth Academy                        $12,000


Connor Hayes 

Devon Prep                                    $40,000


Matteo Tropea      

St. Joseph’s Prep                          $24,000


Living  Stations  


The 8th grade’s prayerful and reverent virtual Living Stations performance was very well done under the direction of Jackie Sevag, David Heacock and  SKS parent, Laura Kerr.  


SKS Family Bingo 


That was another fun night for our families sponsored by our Home and School. See the surprised face of kingergartener Drew Hellberg on the blog picture as he won the special prize of SKS Principal for a Day. I can’t wait to take the day off! Other winners were: 

Round 1    Elise Katona in Mrs. Thornton’s class. The entire class won a dress down pass

Round 2   Mimi Curry in  Miss Walheim’s class. The entire  class won a $5 gift card to Wawa

Round 3   Lochlyn Driscoll in Miss Fitzpatrick’s class. The entire  class won a $5 gift card to Five Below

Round 4   Drew Hellberg – Mrs. Crowley’s class. The entire  class won a $5 gift card to Capri Water Ice and Drew Hellberg will be
Principal for a Day!


We are reviewing school events on an individual basis as to what we can do safely and what needs to stay virtual. Below are some events that we made tentative plans for: 


SKS Virtual Rosary


An SKS Family Rosary evening will be held virtually on Tuesday evening, May 4th at 7 PM. This is a great opportunity to take a pause in the action of our busy lives and devote time as a family to our Blessed Mother. We all have special intentions to pray for. Details on the event will be forthcoming.  


May Procession   

Our May Procession will be virtual, similar to Living Stations. The prayer service link will be sent home to our SKS families.


First Eucharist

The 3rd grade First Eucharist services are scheduled in person throughout the month of May on specified weekends. Please check with our Religuious Education department for your date.

Kindergarten Mother’s Day Picnic

Our annual kindergarten Mother’s Day picnic on Friday, May 7th at 11:30 am is scheduled to be in person and  held outside depending on the weather. Further details will be sent by your teachers.  

Donuts with Dad for 1st Grade

1st grade Doughnuts with Dad, June 8th at 8:30, is scheduled to be in person and outside depending on weather. Further details to be sent from 1st grade teachers.   


Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation on Tuesday, June 8th  at 10 am is scheduled to be in person in church. Further details will be sent by the kindergarten teachers.  


8th grade Graduation 

8th grade graduation will be on Tuesday, June 15 at 6 pm. We are planning to be in person. Further details to be sent by 8th grade teachers.  


                                                 Looking at next year……


SKS  School Annual Fund Update 

As of this writing, our school annual fund is at $126,000 with a goal of $300,000. A huge thank you to the 73 school families that have given so generously to this fund. This fund is so important to keep our school strong and sustainable for many years to come.  If you haven’t contributed as yet. I ask you to consider doing so. You can pay by check or online by credit card. Thank you for your continued support!   


BLOCS/EITC Tuition Assistance  

For any family who would like to apply for tuition assistance, please fill out the necessary FACTS form on the BLOCS funding site. All you really need is your 2020 income tax return to file. I encourage you to do so asap as it helps to be able to disburse the assistance to each family in a timely fashion in the early summer.  Last year we gave out over $120,000 in tuition assistance.  


Enrollment and Plans for for 2021 -22 School Year

As we budget for next year, it is vital that we know our enrollment numbers for the upcoming school year. Last year we moved to automatic re-enrollment for the following school year. You have already been notified of the registration fee due via Option C emails from Anne Condello. If you still need to pay your registration fee, please go to the online payment form. Unless we hear from you directly that you are not returning to SKS next year we have you counted in the numbers and you will be charged tuition for the first half of the school year. I ask that if you are planning NOT to return to SKS to let us know immediately so we can reach out to those on the waitlist. Thank you.      

It may surprise you to hear this, however the end of the school year is our busiest time of the school year. Besides finishing this last trimester with the students academically, we are charged with the end of the year closing of school,  and plan for the start of school next fall. Through April and into May, the teachers, staff and I will begin planning for next year. Yearly plans such as scheduling, developing a balanced list of homerooms for each grade, and book orders are just a few things that need to be completed prior to leaving school in June.  Additionally, the SKS Task Force that planned for last year’s reopening of school will be asked to look at what next September can look like with regard to the safety protocols. There are many questions that need to be answered going into next fall. What can our classrooms look like spacing wise ?  Must we stay in cohorts? Can we use the cafeteria? Every situation begs a question to be answered and we will be looking at all these things with keeping a safe school in mind.  

We look forward to a productive spring as we finish out our school year!

Take care ,