Dear SKS Families,

This is my last planned message to you for 2020!  It is a simple message of gratitude to our SKS community.  It’s a chance for me to thank you for many things: The resilience, flexibility, patience, and grace you have shown as a collective community. I am so proud of our SKS community.  More so, I am grateful. This has been as challenging a time in my 4+ decades of education. I am sure you have found it challenging as well in your profession and for your family. However, what we have accomplished since last March, and going forward from September through December, is something we should all feel great about.


I am also thankful, as I think you are, about how Msgr. Brouwers, our Home and School Board, our SKS Board of Limited Jurisdiction, Suzanne Manion, and our SKS faculty and staff, have worked through the many challenges to keep our school going.  Most especially, you, our SKS families, have consistently gone out of your way to show your appreciation to us. You have taken such good care of us in ways large and small, and nothing is more important than how a community cares for one another.  I suppose there are other communities that are as caring, I have just haven’t seen it as yet. Indeed, we are a blessed community.


Like your family, it will be a different Christmas for the Tosti’s. Kit, Katie, and I miss Julie (Andy), Bud (Steph), and Joey(Cristina) a great deal.  When we do get on the other side of this it’s going to be one helluva Tostipalooza! However, we are blessed with good health and have much to be grateful for. My hope is, no matter what you and your families have been through, you feel the same way.  On Christmas Day, my family and I will celebrate what would be my Dad’s 100th birthday. I will think lovingly of my parents and all they did for my family. For you who have lost loved ones, especially their own parents, this first Christmas can be a tough one.  For those who have lost a loved one this year, in recent years, and beyond , I hope you know they are with you this Christmas, just in a different way. Look for those Godwinks!

Christmas blessings on you and your families with wishes of peace, joy and health in the New Year.

With great love and gratitude,




P.S. If you missed the SKS Christmas Extravaganza video, it’s guaranteed to make you smile: