Dear SKS Families,

This special Advent edition of Mr. T’s Blog has pictures of two events that just took place at SKS.

Early December has us quite busy as our Home and School Board masterminded two heartwarming events that typify our SKS community. As one parent texted me, “It’s proof that circumstances [the pandemic] don’t define who we are.”  I am proud and grateful for the ways our Home and School Board has kept our school community together.

Sunday evening’s Live Nativity was a tremendous event for our parish. The alpaca, sheep, turkeys, chickens, and goats were very friendly …the donkey was a bit stubborn, as the saying goes.  Jen and Adam Driscoll, along with many volunteers and our 7th grade students, pulled this event together – no small undertaking.  My thanks to all those who helped Jen and Adam make this night a reality.  We counted 362 cars that drove through for three straight hours, and we collected tons of socks and donations. Thank you everyone! Many who came were our own families and staff. However, we also had parishioners, grandparents, friends, neighbors, alumni and new families who will be joining us next year drive through.

Also this past week, several St. Nick’s and helper elves visited 130 of our families over a few nights and surprised our families. A bunch of them came to one very surprised principal’s home too  – I had no clue who was ringing the doorbell! Thanks to Chrissy Anderson, Kate Quinn, Alexis DiTommaso and Ben Piazza who organized these visits, and thanks to all our Santas and Elves who seemed to have more fun than anyone on the visits.

I will miss being in church for the Christmas Concert this week and the Christmas Tableau next week. So I look forward to the next best thing: the virtual Christmas Concert by KG – 4 will be sent to our school community for all to view for this Wednesday evening or whenever your families can enjoy it.  The 5th – 8th Christmas Tableau will be sent next week prior to the scheduled Wednesday event.  Special thanks to our music teacher, Sean Burman, who put these two events together with hours of editing.  Also thanks to Laura Kerr and J.P. Boles for their help on these events and to Jackie Sevag, David Heacock, and the 8th grade Class of 2020 for their efforts in the Tableau.  The SKS community spirit during Advent into Christmas is alive and well thanks to many people.

The first trimester of school closed academically on 12/4. Report cards will be given to your children early next week (Monday and Tuesday), so please be on the lookout for them.  It takes time for teachers to put them together and I do like to review each report card personally before it goes out.  You keep the report card and sign the envelope that you have reviewed it, then return the envelope to the teacher. It’s easy for students to lose focus during the 2nd trimester, please encourage your children to stay focused, as we approach the holiday break. We have only a short period of time (9 class days) until Christmas break.

After some discussion with Suzanne Manion and members of the SKS Task Force we think it is wise to return back in the New Year similar to the way we did at Thanksgiving. Therefore, Monday 1/4/21 and Tuesday 1/5/21 will be All Virtual school days, we will return back to in person school on Wednesday, 1/6/21.


Take care,