Dear SKS Families,

The pictures above highlight our Principals for a Day, Olivia Piazza and Sean McGlinn, as well as our SKS Golf team which had a great season!

I love all holidays but I truly love Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday!

Fall weather, family, friends, football, a feast of food, and faithful thanks – now that’s alliteration that is hard to beat! The seasonal colors still abound, kids come home from college, we enjoy a break in the busy school schedule, Turkey Day football rivalries and reunions, and family time with loved ones.  It’s a wonderful time to sit back and reflect on the many fortunes we share as families.

For anyone who has lost a loved one and this is your first holiday without them, I hope you find peace and comfort in the loving memories of that special loved one.  As I think lovingly of my own parents, know your loved ones are still with you in memories and traditions. A few of my mom’s best holiday recipes were a spinach casserole, pretzel salad, and banana cream pie. I can still envision her in the kitchen making everything with love and joy in her heart.  These recipes will be a part of our family meal on Thursday. Keep those memories close and pass down those holiday traditions.

For those of you traveling this weekend, please do so safely with St. Christopher by your side.  For those of you hosting, I hope your family meal is a celebration of gratitude for His many blessings.

On behalf of our entire SKS faculty staff, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with love, peace and joy in your hearts.  Know that I will count the SKS School Community among my most cherished blessings.

Take care,