Dear SKS Families,

Two weeks ago at the annual 8th Grade Parent Dinner, I had an opportunity to acknowledge and thank our 8th grade parents for their faith and trust in our educating their children, as well as the support and care of our SKS community.  In many cases, this journey was for nine years starting in kindergarten.  In some cases, with this last child graduating, the relationship has been for more than twenty years, and we hope it will continue as alumni parents!   The 8th Grade Parent Dinner is a wonderful celebration our SKS families who have given so much to our school community.

Last Friday, I took the Class of 2019 to Capri Water Ice. This too has been an annual tradition for our graduates. Afterwards, they have to put up with me one more time, for one last talk.  I take them to the grotto for one last time as a class and tell them how much we have valued them and their families, and how grateful we are for what they given to and meant to SKS. The Class of 2019 will go on to do many great things.  We wish them well. We will remember them. We will cheer in their every success.  My hope is that they will remember this place lovingly, and know that no matter where they go, and what they do, it was here at SKS where they got their start. It was here they became grounded in their faith and rooted in strong foundation of values such as compassion, selflessness, and service to others. It is a very exciting time to watch these students as they take their next steps, and hopefully they will keep in touch with us as young alumni.

One of the great rewards of being an educator is to be witness to this growth of a little child into a teenager, from kindergarten to 8th grade .   I shake my head at this time of year wondering how time could go by so quickly.  It’s about the passage of time, and we live in a fast-paced world in which time is often taken for granted. I leave you with an excerpt I read last week in the Philadelphia Inquirer from Bert Jacobs, co-founder and CEO of Life is Good in which he spoke to the graduates of Villanova University.

Here is what Bert Jacobs said about the passage of time:

“When we were young, everyone tells us we need more: more stuff, more money, more education, more clothes, more, more, and more.  As we get older, we come to realize that the only thing we need more of is time. Time to do the things you love and time to be with people you love. Nobody will protect your time but you. You should protect your time with your life. Because ladies and gentlemen, it is your life.”

I invite our SKS community to the closing mass and awards ceremony in church on Friday, June 14 at 9 am. Dismissal will be immediately following the mass, around 10:30 am in the schoolyard. It’s organized chaos, so be safe.    Since I will be leaving for our son’s wedding in Italy prior to the start of mass, I would like to leave an important summer message for our students.  Feel free to post it on the refrigerator!


      Mr. T’s Summer Message for SKS Students 

  • Rememember to get to Mass and say your prayers. Stay close to Jesus no matter where you are – the beach, the mountains, or traveling
  • Do your summer reading and math packets. It’s important to “sharpen the saw” and stay on top of your skills. As a school we don’t overwhelm students  with tons of summer work.
  • READ READ READ for pleasure and enjoyment. Get a few good books for the beach or vacation. Also, limit your screen time.
  • Help out at home ! Your parents work hard and do a lot for you everyday. You need to do your fair share to chip in at home. Ask your parents how you can contribute better at home.
  • Make good decisions, especially when you are on your own.  If the crowd is going in the right direction, by all means follow the crowd. If they are going in the wrong direction STAND UP for what is right and walk away.

Blessings on our SKS community for a safe happy and restful summer.


Take care,