Dear SKS Families,

Here is the Mid -May Blog.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Can anyone say “home stretch??” Next week is the last full week of school. Let that sink in for a minute! It’s free fall to a fast n’ furious flurry to the finish line.  Many thanks to the Home and School  and the SKS families for your thoughtfulness for Teacher Appreciation Week. There were many kindnesses shown our faculty, staff and me during the week. Experts say teachers on average make hundreds of decisions daily that involve the teaching process, working regularly through the school day, and then extending beyond the school day.  This is no 8 to 3 job. For those who have heard and aspire to the belief of the saying “Those who can’t, teach,“ I have two words: Basically clueless.  I know what the job entailed in my early years of teaching and as demanding as it was then, it is far more demanding these days with expectations from principals, students and parents. The simple fact that our SKS community would take this week to show your gratitude speaks volumes to the teachers and me about how we are valued here. Thank you.

GO RUN and  SK5K

Whether you run, walk or neither, the SK5K is a wonderful community event. Our Go Run Runners have eight weeks of training under their belt.  Each  we  promoted the importance of taking care of themselves with healthy choices eating /drinking wise and the importance of exercising. Thanks to Ms.  Elisio, Ms.  Tosti, our volunteer parents, and our guest speakers for making this program successful. For some, running/walking is a way of life and a tremendous outlet for people of all ages that keeps them grounded physically, mentally, and emotionally. Research supports the importance of making exercise an important part of  life. In educating the whole child we believe in the growth of every student spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

I hope to see you and your families at the SK5K. Special thanks to Jess DiLucia  and many volunteers who help make this a wonderful community day. Special thanks to our sponsors who help tremendously with our Home and School fundraising goals. On site registration begins at 7:30 am on this Saturday morning, May 11 and race starts at 9 am.

Bishop Joseph Coffey at SKS Sunday Mass at 9:30 am

Recently ordained Bishop Joseph Coffey, uncle of Stephen and Ronan Finley and brother to parent Marita Finley, will be saying mass this Sunday at our 9:30 am mass, and giving First Communion to some of our third grade communicants.


Mother’s Day

A special wish for a wonderful Mother’s Day to all our SKS moms. I have said this before many times over. With no disrespect to all loving Dads out there: There is nothing so strong , as powerful, or as unconditional as the love of a mother for her children.  I extend my admiration, love and gratitude to all our moms who make every day special for your families. A special prayer to all our mothers who continue to watch over us from heaven. For those who have recently lost your dear mother, know that she is still with you, just in a different way.

Ask the Principal

Q: My child is anxious about final exams. What are some tips for students who need help working through test anxiety?

A: As the end of the school year comes closer, many students are thinking about final exams, which can cause feelings of anxiety. It’s normal to feel a certain degree of nervousness about tests, presentations, etc. However, nervousness and anxiety to the point where you cannot perform is counterproductive.

Here are some tips to pass on to students who are anxious about their exams.

  • Study smart! Know your teacher! Teachers won’t give you the exact exam but they will help give you a good idea of what to expect in your exam. Study what will be on the exam! Remember, teachers want to see you do well!
  • Start studying early so you can spend the night before the exam doing a quick review and getting a good night’s sleep. Cramming only creates more anxiety.
  • Study effectively, knowing your style of learning. What works? Note cards? Skeleton notes? Making up a test? Use Quizlet? Playing Kahoot? Working with someone?
  • Use relaxation and mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing.
  • ATTITUDE: Use positive self-talk: “I can do this. I prepared for this. Exams are a challenge, and I am up for this challenge.  It’s only a test. I’ll do my best.”




Grades 1 to 3:

    June 4      Tuesday        – Religion    regular dismissal

   June 5      Wednesday  – Math          12 pm dismissal

   June 6      Thursday      – ELA            12 pm dismissal


Grades 4 to 7 Exam Schedule:

 6/4   TuesdayTwo exams this day only – it is the last full day of school.       


         Math 8:45 -10:15 

         Recess     10:15 – 10:30

         Religion 10:35 – 11:35

  Regular classes after exams are over.

         Regular Dismissal – 2:45


6/5   Wednesday – ELA                            8:45 – 10:15    12pm dismissal

6/6   Thursday – Social Studies             8:45– 10:15    12pm dismissal

6/7    Friday – Science                                8:45 – 10:15   12pm dismissal


8th Grade Exam Schedule

5/29     Wednesday – Science

5/31      Friday          – Social Studies

6/3         Monday       – Religion & ELA

 6/4         Tuesday      – Math   8:30

Regular Dismissal @ 2:45  all four days  


Please check your school calendar for other upcoming events like May Procession, 8th grade Parent Dinner, 1st Grade Donuts w Dudes, KG Graduation, Spirit Day  and other school happenings.

As I told the teachers this week: “Stay calm and teach on.”

Take care,