Dear SKS Families,

In this coming Sunday’s church bulletin communication, Msgr. Brouwers will go into detail about our school forming a Board of Limited Jurisdiction. The letter reviews our current financial status as a parish school and our need to operate in the black.  I want to be clear that we are currently very sustainable but as we look ahead we need to find ways to keep us fiscally sound and secure.  This Board, which we hope to have in place by spring of 2019, will help us look to the future and keep us thriving. The Board will be made up of a dozen or so individuals who:

  • have a passion for Catholic education; in particular for SKS
  • can give some time to SKS
  • have a particular skill set to help lead SKS into the future

For those of you who do not belong to SKS or attend Mass here, I will email you a copy of the Msgr. Brouwers’ letter after Christmas.

I hope these past two weeks in Advent have been good for you and your family. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the following families who lost loved ones:
Manfrey family (Josephine -1st grade) lost their grandfather
Genesio family (Mason – 1st grade), lost their grandfather
Quigley family (7th grade teacher – Alexandra Quigley)  lost their grandfather
Burke family (Bridget 8th and Patrick 6th) lost their grandmother

Also please keep in your prayers any members of our SKS Community who are experiencing illness in their families, including Mr. David Heacock’s mom, Michelle Pierce, Emma Canuso, Meghan Dole, and Mr. DiClemente.

My thanks to Home & School and all those who worked for SKS Shoppes last week. Thanks to those who participated in the event too. Our goals for H&S events are always twofold: To build community and to raise some funds to help cover costs in the operating budget and beyond. Starting tomorrow we have a few Advent events that will help us keep focused on the meaning of this season:

Wednesday (tomorrow), 12/12/18 is the KG-4 Christmas Concert. Come and see our students sing their hearts out for the Christ Child. It is a well-attended night so I’d ask you to squeeze into the pews reasonably to allow for space and please, in the spirit of Christmas, do not save seats for family members who are not there with you.

Sunday, December 16th there is a special SKS Kid’s Mass with Fr. Scott Reilly. Fr. Scott will gear his homily directly to the children and ask them to come up to the altar during his homily. From 9 to 1 that day in the Parish Center is our Annual Breakfast with Santa. Santa Claus will be here taking a direct train from the North Pole to be with us.

Wednesday, December 19th we have grades 5 to 8 performing the Christmas Tableau in church at 7 pm. This time-honored tradition reenacts the Nativity story led by the Class of 2019.

Sometimes on the whiteboard in the cafeteria, I write an open ended question or statement for students and they are encouraged to write their response to the question on sticky notes. It’s anonymous and totally optional. There about 65 responses to last week’s question.  I thought I would share some of the responses with you.

The statement was: I wish my parents knew that…..

– even though I am young, I have a right to an opinion 

– I love this school (4 )

– I love Art and Library

– I am somewhat good at school

– School is hard for me 

– I want a dog

– I hate doing HW

– I am really good at Math

– I love to read 

– I don’t like bananas; please stop buying them for me

– Basketball is my life

– I want a phone 

– I am awesome

– They are nice 

– I don’t like it when they argue

– My phone doesn’t rot my brain

– I am doing better in school

– I am bad at math and need help

– I am lonely

– I need a friend 

– I am a little girl with feelings (2)

– I am funny

– I love them (6)

Continued blessings on you and your families the rest of this week. 

Take care,