“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the mother of all other virtues.”


Dear SKS Families,

                 Last Wednesday, we had the annual 8th Grade Mass of Thanksgiving.  At this mass our 8th graders honor and thank their parents for the many sacrifices they make for their families. Unconditional love almost always requires sacrifice.  Monsignor Brouwers, in his homily, reminded the Class of 2018 that their parents often sacrifice their own needs for the welfare of their children. In many instances, parents who are sending a child to SKS and choosing a Catholic education give up something to provide their child with a well-rounded and well-grounded Catholic education.  By doing this, SKS parents model selfless sacrifice.  What value could we teach our children that is more important than doing unselfishly for the benefit of others?

                  I love Thanksgiving! I make no bones about it that it is one of my favorite holidays. Faith, family, fall weather, friends, a food feast, and watching some football!  That’s an alliteration with F’s that is hard to beat.   The four day break is a welcome respite for our entire school community. Please be safe if you are traveling.  On behalf of the teachers/staff at SKS, thank you for being so committed and supportive of our parish and school.   Enjoy this special time with your families.