February 5th

Dear SKS Families, In this blog are more pictures from Catholic Schools Week. I wish I could include more! Last week, I received a beautiful hand-written letter from a parishioner who praised our school for going beyond academic curriculum and teaching core values that lead children to Jesus and teach them how to lead.  Enclosed in that letter was check for one thousand dollars. I was both grateful and proud. Several times during the month of January, and especially last week, we  asked our students to go beyond learning, to [...]

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January 30

Dear SKS Families, I hope you are keeping warm. Sit by the fire with some hot chocolate and catch up on the latest blog.                                                                          Catholic Schools Week Welcome to Catholic Schools Week! Many thanks to our SKS Families and Friends who helped us out this week by sponsoring some of the learning activities planned [...]

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January 16

Dear SKS Families,                                                                                                         Juuling Over the last few months you may have seen a barrage of media advertising in newspapers, social media, and television on juuling.  Millions of dollars are being spent on advertising it and millions of [...]

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December 20 Christmas Blog

“Blessed are they who see Christmas through the eyes of a child.”                                                              Author Unknown Dear SKS Families, Over the last several years I have always shared something personal with you about my Christmases of the past.  A large part of Christmas is about family traditions and memories of those celebrations.  I have vivid memories of past holidays, like the time I was five years old and Santa brought me a Davy Crockett wagon and hat. A few years later it was the new train set (lots of hammering and [...]

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December 11

Dear SKS Families, In this coming Sunday's church bulletin communication, Msgr. Brouwers will go into detail about our school forming a Board of Limited Jurisdiction. The letter reviews our current financial status as a parish school and our need to operate in the black.  I want to be clear that we are currently very sustainable but as we look ahead we need to find ways to keep us fiscally sound and secure.  This Board, which we hope to have in place by spring of 2019, will help us look to the future [...]

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November 20

Dear SKS Families, I don’t like the Thanksgiving holiday….I love it. It’s a great break in the action in the life of our very busy school. It’s a chance for us to catch our collective breaths and be with our family and friends. For anyone who has lost a loved one and this is your first holiday without them, I hope you find peace and comfort in the loving memories of that special loved one. They are still with you in those memories. For those of you traveling this weekend, [...]

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November 14

Dear SKS Families, Here’s the latest at SKS - including details about operations during inclement weather and our closing procedures.                                                                       Veterans Day We had a beautiful tribute to our Veterans on Monday morning. We had over two dozen Veterans come to the ceremony including parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and parishioners.  We were honored to welcome [...]

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November 7

Dear SKS Families, The pictures in this week’s blog show some funny costumes from the Halloween-a-thon and the Pep Rally. Our school should be focused on academics and it is, but I also believe school should be an enjoyable place to be. We had fun last week. There is also a picture from Monday night’s Speak Up! event for grades 6 to 8 and their parents which was held at St. Colman-John Neumann. We partner with SCJN every year and it was their turn to host. We had a record [...]

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October 25

Dear SKS Families, Our sense of community is often felt through the events that help shape our school year. The pictures on this week’s blog show some events that define us: SKS Community Events The Walk with the Principal from last Friday benefitted For Pete’s Sake, a good will organization that helps families going through some difficult times. I don’t have any pictures from the Parent Social but it was very nice night - a great venue and a great turnout! I usually take pictures but I was having too [...]

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October 11

Dear SKS Families, As a follow up to our recent Home and School Speaker Series, here are quick notes and tips on how to be a better parent to your child regarding their participation in sports and activities. For more help and guidance go to the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) website. Mr. T.’s Notes on PCA Seminar by Jim Osborne Avoid yelling instructions to your child on how to play during competitions. Children are often inundated with “competing noise” with coaches, teammates and fans giving instructions all at the [...]

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